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i have some trouble with deleted files. Is it a same problem like wrote ftd.

Sometimes on race/norace i have in dirs (mp3/divx, is it some) deleted files.

and files in uploaded dir:
- these 3 files includes the deleted files. but in the dir missing.

Anybody knows why ?

my ioftpd.ini
OnFTPLogIn = EXEC ..\scripts\stormactivity\stormactivity.exe login
OnServerStart = TCL ..\scripts\ocscript\OnServerStart.itcl
OnLogIn = EXEC ..\scripts\ioA\ioA.exe logon
OnUploadComplete = EXEC php.exe -q C:\ioFTPD\php_psio\zipscript-c.php
OnUploadError = EXEC php.exe -q C:\ioFTPD\php_psio\zipscript-c.php
OnUploadError = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnUploadError.itcl
;!!! this OnUploadComplete line must be added after any zipscript !!!
OnUploadComplete = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnUploadComplete.itcl
OnNewDir = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnNewDir.itcl
OnNewDir = EXEC ..\scripts\stormsearch\stormsearch.exe newdir
OnDelDir = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnDelDir.itcl
OnServerStart = TCL ..\scripts\newdir\OnServerStart.itcl
OnUploadComplete = TCL ..\scripts\nfourl.itcl
OnUploadComplete = TCL ..\scripts\mp3sort.itcl
OnUploadComplete = EXEC ..\scripts\ioSavemnfo\ioSavem.exe upload
OnUploadComplete = EXEC ..\scripts\ioSavemsfv\ioSavem.exe upload
OnUploadComplete = EXEC ..\scripts\ioSavemsubs\ioSavem.exe upload

- i have no idea whats wrong. But with this setting i used ioZS and with him is files upload ok.
PLs. help.
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