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Cool do your change have fix 3 previous major problem??

i using iobanana and ioA with Eggdrop annoucing
there are 3 problems in combination ioftpd(5.7.x),iobanana(19) & ioA(1.1.0)
first.(site who problem)
newlest ioftpd's(5.6.3+) site who command is mismatch to iobanana's site who by syntax

so. it's have problem about "bw, uploaders, leechers" in irc announcing
many people may be use with "oldwho text file" for this problem

second.(iobanana.tcl problem)
irc request is disfunction
by 2line( set lines [lreplace $lines 0 1], set lines [lreplace $lines end-2 end])
may be it's syntax problem
ioftpd is good working by deleting above 2 line

third.(ioA.cfg problem)
ioa.cfg & iobanana's cookie(?) syntax mismatch

ioA set:Newdate_Log = ""%area" "%vfs" "%desc" "%phys""
iobanana want:Newdate_Log = ""%vfs" "%area" "%desc" "%phys""

ioA set:Pre_Log = ""%vfs/%release" "%user" "%group" "%.0files" "%.2mb" "%type" "%desc" "%ufo" "%genre" "%kbit" "%year""
ioBanana want:Pre_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%type" "%vfs" "%desc" "%.2mb" "%.0files" "%release""

ioA set:Nuke_Log = ""%vfs" "%user@%group" "%nukee@%nukeegroup" "%.0multi %.2size" "%reason""
ioB want:Nuke_Log = ""%vfs" "%user" "%
group" "%nukee" "%nukeegroup" "%.0multi" "%.2size" "%reason""

ioA set:UnNuke_Log = ""%vfs" "%user@%group" "%nukee@%nukeegroup" "%.0multi %.2size" "%reason""
ioB want:UnNuke_Log = ""%vfs" "%user" "%group" "%nukee" "%nukeegroup" "%.0multi" "%.2size" "%reason""

i can working ioFTPD by chaning original ioA config file to iobanana syntax
it is need to discussion this problem with ioA
i hope that you are understand about this problem(?)
and further iobanana will correct this problem or comment in readme.txt for stranger user to ioFTPD like me
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