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Default ioBanana v20 preview

This is the current changelog for ioBanana v20

- added: support for ioFTPD 5.8.5+, ioA 1.1.3+ and ioFTPD modules
- added: network drives support
- added: updated FlashFXP command-set (thanks to Zer0Racer)
- added: updated ZR-Accepted and ZR-Ban lists (thanks to Zer0Racer)
- added: exception handler
- added: the file_id.diz file is now written to .ioFTPD.message (optional)
- added: nfo files extracted from zip files are logged
- added: mp3 info announces on pre
- added: there can't be more than one sfv file at a time in a directory
- added: a dedicated imdb dirtag (optional)
- added: support
- added: SITE RULES [<section>]
- added: section rules are displayed on CWD
- added: SITE CLOSESERVICE <service> <reason> and SITE OPENSERVICE <service>
         Note: those aren't logged to ioFTPD.log
- added: /msg !invite <user> <hashed password> and SITE IRCINVITE
- added: secure irc invite and SITE IRCHOST <hostmask> (optional)
- added: you can choose the /msg !invite method (old, new or none)
- added: announce redirection (ie. WIPE announced in the admin channel)
- added: announce specific denypost settings
- added: per section announce management
- added: the choice to hide (or not) the hidden users/groups in !bw
- added: %current cookie to t_uploaders_body, t_leechers_body and t_idlers_body
- added: the ability to hide (or not) the hidden users/groups for !bw
- added: a few other announce skins; Thanks to Demoman
- changed: .ioFTPD.banana files are gone ; .ioFTPD files are used now
- changed: rescan won't change the owner of a .bad file
- changed: rescan will set the owner of the -missing files to the owner of the dir
- changed: SITE CLOSE will now kick all non master users
- changed: bad files can now be deleted instead of being renamed
- changed: SPIDER doesn't need a ftp connection anymore
- changed: support for spaces when creating symlinks
- changed: approved releases can now bypass deny_dir_pre rules
- changed: STATS announces are now customizable
- changed: free space warning is now sent to the admin channel
- changed: imdb and mp3 announces are now using %pwd and %release
- changed: support for days/weeks in pretimes
- changed: updated !imdb to v2.2.8 (thanks to B0unty)
- changed: sysop/error/silent mode/help announces are now customizable (using the .skin file)
- changed: autovoice of top10 uploaders for all channels
- changed: stats sections used for top10 uploaders autovoice can be defined per channel
- changed: silent mode settings are now kept after a .rehash
- changed: updated ZipArchive library
- fixed: SITE NEW wasn't hiding first and last strip_dirs
- fixed: SITE GSTATS
- fixed: SITE RANK
- fixed: overwritten files weren't crc checked
- fixed: a bug in halfway announce
- fixed: incomplete symlinks with zip releases
- fixed: dirtags permissions
- fixed: path in url announces (on pre)
- fixed: path in mp3 info announces
- fixed: user age
- fixed: several imdb bugfixes
- fixed: some debug messages used to be displayed to the sitebot
- fixed: bnctest when debug is enabled
- fixed: the sitebot's ftp connection
- fixed: SysOp.log parsing functions
- fixed: AcceptEx() error won't be displayed in irc
- fixed: debug output of !imdb
- fixed: several other minor bugfixes
There are still a few things to add.
Feel free to post requests and/or comments here.
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