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Tcl error [reserve_identify]: can't read "irPasswdUtil": no such variabl

I get this error when i try to identify meassaging the bot.
This is from my tcl

# path to ioPasswd.exe by WarC
set irPasswdUtil "c:/ioFTPD/scripts/ioReserve/ioPasswd.exe"

I was wondering if it has anything to do with the last part of the file where i see these lines:

proc reserve_identify {nick uhost hand arg} {
global ioPasswdUtil irBotNick dausers
if { $arg == "" } { return }

and u use ioPasswd instead of irPasswd. I don't have other ideas...

If i change that line using irPasswd, i get another error:

Tcl error [reserve_identify]: can't read "irIOPath": no such variable
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