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Iv downloaded ioBanana 1.9...
Im useing a new version of ioFTPD...
And the latest version of ioA.

In the reademe for ioBanana beta versions, it says thats beta versions is timebombed. And i realy don´t wanna make this settings once again so i downloaded the older version 1.9.

In the readme it says....

Step 6. Change ioa.cfg:
Execute_on_Pre_Path=c:\ioFTPD\scripts\ioBanana.exe imdbpre

also in ioa.cfg:
Log_New_Date="%vfs" "%area" "%desc" "%phys"
Log_PRE="%user" "%group" "%type" "%vfs" "%desc" "%mb" "%files" "%release"
Log_Give="%user" "%group" "%mb" "%target"
Log_Take="%user" "%group" "%mb" "%target"
Log_Wipe="%vfs" "%release" "%user" "%group" "%files" "%dirs" "%mb"
Log_Invite="%user" "%group" "%ircnick"
Log_Request="%user" "%group" "%request"
Log_Reqfilled="%user" "%group" "%request"
Log_Reqdel="%user" "%group" "%request"
Log_Nuke="%vfs" "%user" "%group" "%nukee" "%nukeegroup" "%multi" "%size" "%reason"
Log_UnNuke="%vfs" "%user" "%group" "%nukee" "%nukeegroup" "%multi" "%size" "%reason"

But i can´t find any of those vars/settings in ioa.cfg

what should i do?

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