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Default ioBanana.20.pre1

Doesn't this need to be added to readme.txt:
Step 5. Add those to your ioFTPD.ini:
rescan     = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe rescan
rescanall     = EXEC ..\scripts\ioBanana.exe rescan all
Because at the end of Step 5. it says:
Also, remove rescan and rescanall from ioA.
I just noticed this and maybe it's why ioBanana rescanall never worked for me - on earlier version of ioBanana I had to uncomment the rescanall cmd for ioA to get that cmd to work. Anyways maybe posting here can help someone. Cheers.

Edit0: Ok I just noticed it works without rescanall if you do "site rescan all". hehe

Edit1: hmm, actually it looks like it does "site rescanall" every time you do "site rescan" .. so even when you just need to rescan one file like "site rescan our-relz.r19" it scans whole relz which uses cpu cycles of course. Is there supposed to be any differrence between rescan and rescanall? Thanks for any insights..
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