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i use ioFTPD5.3.9u + iobanana19 + ioA104

when i use this trigger in the site.chnnel. bot says under..

<@beast00> !free all
<@bot> [FREE SPACE]
<@bot> Total : 0.00mb/1200.00gb
<@beast00> !free DVD-R
---------> not reply from bot...
in the skin.
set ioss(t_free_header) "\[FREE SPACE\]" ;# No cookie available
set ioss(t_free_body) "%areas has [b]%freespace[b] free" ;# Available cookies: %ares %freespace
set ioss(t_free_footer) "Total : %totalfree/%totalspace" ;# Available cookies: %totalfree %totalspace
# For !free <section>
set ioss(t_free_area) "\[%area\] + has [b]%freespace[b] free" ;# Available cookies: %area %freespace
set ioss(t_free_area_invalid) "\[%area\] - not a valid section" ;# Available cookies: %area

on partyline, bot doesn't tell me anything.

how do i do to solve it? thx. evey1.

happy new year~!
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