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Default RIO release 2

Ok, I've updated RIO (or rather the installation instructions ) for ioBanana support. Since no changes were made to any of the scripts, you don't need to download the script again, only follow these instructions:

Search for 'set disable(NEWLEADER)'. After that line add:
set disable(RECOMMEND) 0

Next, search for 'set variables(NEWLEADER)' after that add:
set variables(RECOMMEND) "%pwd %release %username"

Next, you need to edit your skin file, and do this:

Do a search for 'set announce(NEWLEADER)', after that line add:
set announce(RECOMMEND) "-:[b]:[b] recommendation [b]:[b]:- [b]%release[b] (%pwd) was recommended by [b]%username[b]"

-- laShan
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