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Default ioZS + NewDay = Make nexxai lose hair.

Alright, I've been trying to get this thing set up for almost a week now. All I want to do is make ioZS make the NewDay dirs at midnight local time, however it seems to like laughing in my face and pissing on my new shoes, because it refuses to do anything but not work.

My timezone: North America CST (GMT -6:00 - according to The Time/Date Properties Control Panel in Windows; yes I have it selected accordingly)

Now what I need to know is:
1) What do I set the scheduler entry to?
0 6 * *
0 -18 * *
0 -6 * *
0 18 * *

2) What do I set the TIMEOFFSET to in ioZS?

Now because these two are so closely related, please do NOT respond unless you can help me with both entries.

Thanks a bunch.
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