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Yup, 6.1.0 source including the couple of very simple helper programs I wrote are fetchable via the 6.1.0 Beta thread in the general forum.

I gotta go with ADDiCT on this one though. ioGUI3 is clearly the way to go rather than continue with a VB6 app. For the short term doing what I did to ioFTPD and just fixing the few bugs would be good enough to keep it useful for a while until someone wants to start on a new version.

I don't believe PHP/HTTPd is the way to go since it's very untested, almost unused, and I'm not convinced lots of pieces of the puzzle like authentication, cookies, etc are available as usually a real web server provides those things. I'd stick with a pure FTP/TCL solution.

As for the language that's a tough call. Cross platform would be nice and Qt would probably be the best choice for that since the GNU license wouldn't be an issue. Qt is like the old pre-swing Java though and doesn't have a native look and feel which would be a plus. Java is too large a memory footprint for such a simple app, so forget that. I was personally thinking of using C# since I'm lazy and VS2005 has a GUI builder and was hoping that for our simple uses mono would let the code run under linux. I should probably check on that, but I think they are pretty far along and still adding stuff.

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