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Originally posted by ADDiCT

ioFTPD 5.8.4 (and older 5.7/5.8 builds) have a problem that makes shmem requests hang, darkone already fixed it.

That will solve the problems lots of people have, where ioguiext.exe hangs, they don't see users/groups/activity, ...

My current roadmap:
- make better cookie system for my templates (sitewho, ioGroups)
- improve sitewho for current ioFTPD versions (1.0.13 is months old)
- make ioGroups use shmem instead of reading userfiles.
- integrate that ioGroups in ioGui for stats.

so, it'll take some time before u see statistics in ioGui, but in the meanwhile, i can add batch commands, edit server config, so plenty of work to do
is ioGroup still needed or is ioguiext doing its work now?
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