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Default ioNFO

Got Bored and Did this

Source Code Included ( )

ioNFO Can :

* Add a Site Nfo on Upload Complete
(If in Release Path eg: /divx/lotr/)
(If Path is /divx/lotr/cd1 nfo isnt uploaded)
(If Path is /divx/lotr/cd1 and no file is uploaded
on /divx/lotr/ ioNFO puts site nfo there)
* Add a Comment to Every Nfo Uploaded
(Add comment at end of file)
* Delete Nfo that is in ioNFO.banned list

Usage :

1) Extract to ..\scripts\ioNFO\
2) Configure ioNFO.ini to fit your needs
3) Open ioFTPD.ini and Put

OnUploadComplete = EXEC ..\scripts\ioNFO\ioNFO.exe upload
4) Any Bugs Pm me on irc (fuscao) or board

Thats All .. Cya
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