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Do not use the MS software for spanning drives, that is about the
worst thing you can do with a site as the drives if used as an
upload drive will SOONER than later fail. I have as yet to see
it recover from a critial error.

If you wish to go this way:

4 device promise raid cards will do the job for you and it's
recovery system is far greater than most other addon cards.

6 device promise raid 5 style even better as you will almost
"NEVER" lose your system as there is a un-doc'ed fact that once
you use a raid 5 style, if any drive goes, replace it, kill the raid
setup, reset it - it is back...

I had 3 maxtor drives go on me and the sx6000 and supertrak
100 cards rebuilt the raid 5 each and every time...costly cards,
but you get what you pay for.

NOTE - never ever use a 160 or 180 gig drive for raided systems,
remain with 80, 120 and then to 200 + units as anything from
121 to 199 are all having issues.

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