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it wouldn't get spread all over the discs cuz u have still specified in the vfs file just what dirs make up the same virtual dir.

I can use my ftp as an example:
I have /movies2/ on K: and /movies1/ on L:
They contain the exact same thing: movies.
Now I'm forced to have 2 virtual movie dirs instead of just one cuz they are on separate drives.
They are on separate drives not by choice but cuz one drive simply isn't enuff.
So this would be my vfs file:

"L:\_Movies1"	/Movies
"k:\_Movies2"	/Movies
with io putting it on K: or L: depending on which has more space left, but STILL choosing only /movies1/ or /movies2/ since these dirs are the only ones that make up the virtual dir /Movies

However, if there's a way of combining drives in Winblows, thats of course an option too.
U don't happen to know how to do that by the way ?
I don't have raid just an extra ide card
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