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Cooll mr_F, I am definately planning on checking out the latest version of nRsfv for ioFTPD. It's been a great sfv/stats script for me.

I was wondering if this might be possible. I saw somewhere a DelACL script, I think it was by FTPServerTools. It let you recursively go through and del all your .raidenftpd.acl files. Would it be possible to alter the function from del to ren and specify the file name to ren from and the file name to ren to? Cause I have billions of these files and it would genuinely suxx0r to have to do them all by hand. Hum, I wonder if there is a way to do that in dos..

Edit: DelACL isn't on FTPServerTools page so googling for it shows that one is yours too.

u da man!:banana:
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