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Originally posted by wooolF[RM]
do people have problems reading plain english?
that's pretty unecessary...
The thing about the .ioFTPD* files isn't something i can just guess, I had to ask about it.

as for your responses, they were helpful in that I can now have my files be labeled ".ioFTPD.*" to have them be hidden, but there is a problem in ioFTPD which I think i've mentioned 3 times already.

if users use list -la .* files (NOT .ioFTPD.* files) are not displayed!

I know that a lot of people have their FTP clients set to use list -la, and these people, if trying to delete a dirtectory, will not see the what should be visible .* files but won't unless they use "list" without the "-la".

even further, an example:

list -la


do you understand?
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