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php commands will be following:

INT io_user create <user>
INT io_user delete <user>
INT io_user rename <user> <user>
INT io_user login <user> <password>
OBJECT io_user open <user>
INT io_user unlock <user object>
INT io_user print <user object>
INT io_user save <user object> <data>
INT io_user lock <user object>
INT io_user close <user object>

INT io_group create <group>
INT io_group delete <group>
INT io_group rename <group> <group>
OBJECT io_group open <group>
INT io_group unlock <group object>
INT io_group print <group object>
INT io_group save <group object> <data>
ITN io_group lock <group object>
INT io_group close <group object>

INT io_client list init <arguments>
STRING io_client list
INT io_client kill <client id>
INT io_client kick <user id>

INT io_log <type> <line>

STRING io_sha1 <string>

STRING io_resolve vpath <virtual path> <mount file>
STRING io_resolve uid
UID io_resolve user
STRING io_resolve gid
GID io_resolve group

INT io_vfs write <real path> <uid> <gid> <filemode>
INT io_vfs chattr <real path> <+-><type> [value]
INT io_vfs read <real path>

INT io_fileattachment <filename> <file offset>

Any suggestions?
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