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Originally posted by typhon|wk
work fine

but when 1 disabled user try to login my cpu work at 100%, and continue to work so for about 15 secs for each re-try from flashfxp

so if disabled user hammer the ftp the pc can crash.

if it is possible add a customizable choice for flag to disable users

fix it and ur script 'll be wonderfull


CPU always jumps when a user logs in no matter what. I don't have the problem about it going to 100% ... I'll run vtune on it and make it faster, but really, there's not much to optimize here, it's really simple code.

I'm not adding an ini reader (for customized flag) as it would slow down the application runtime and it's totally not worth it for reading just 1 key

it's not hard to edit the source code and compile it, so if you want a different flag you'll have to do it yourself.
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