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Originally posted by Mr_X
The client don't get any messages. It wait for a message. The server (script) should send a 530 (If account is disabled. That couldn't be possible because i installed script and make a restart of io and then try to login) or a 331 but don't send anything. I also tested it in DOS with ftp command (Win2K), I got same freezing.
I checked also path before posting and if there was a missing EXEC or something else. I don't know why it's freezing.
I don't know what to tell you It should work, unless you modified the source. Do you have any other scripts on Pre User? that could be screwing it up.

it's weird that it doesn't even work in the console. I just updated the version, get it below:: hopefully that fixes it

also mentioned about the !F * method, (or the !X * method, whatever letter you use) cunhell is right, this requires giving any users "disable/enable" functionality to have access to "site change". that's no good... therefore site enable/disable makes a nice little pack that you can give power to whoever you want on your ftp without consiquence of site change passwd ...etc being avail.
and also what he said, you can give enable or disable permissions to whoever you want to Gadmin can maybe disable users, but only Siteop or Master can enable.. it's up to you
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