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Only thing that has changed in terms of features you want is removal of site who. (If you don't count neutralizing the default ascii packet) Nothing else is planned nor is neccessary. ioFTPD is still as suitable for what you do, than it was when it was first introduced.

As for you, I'd see it as a positive thing, if some day some company would license hundreds of copies of ioftpd. (it's unlikely, but miracles do happend ) Such thing would just guarantee the longetitivy of developement/updates. But the fact is, that one day I quit. That day isn't today nor is it tomorrow. However I'm no fortune teller. If I say 'one day I quit', it is about the same as saying 'one day I die'. No matter how long you live, that day comes. And when it comes, all that matters is what you have done - not what you haven't done. I think, I have already done more than most of you will ever do (for the scene)...

... and who said I'm quitting?
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