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gotta love it...
For legal reasons this text can not be copied or pasted on any media without the written permission of me MR. PIRATE - doing so will result in criminal charges...

Think all u can about what I'll say now (and I know that I *will* get flames but still don't care so u can as well stfu now ) but I'm kinda agreed on:
And then you cry the ****en blues when a major GROUP gets busted, what I will related to these FOOLS crying about IO being pirated - exactly what the **** is on your drives with a site that has one purpose? (C) programs that costs 100's or 1000's of dollars and add them all up and you cry about a 10.00 program??????????????????????????????????????????? ?
On another side, as d1 said...
Original ideas was to write a portable daemon with gl-like features for scene.
That's why I've paid my fee for IO, as we all realise that *original idea* of io was "supporting" the scene and this should be respected. I don't really like the way d1 goes now (making it more suitable for companies etc) as I see in it another bad ending of the story (like some small ISP starts to make their services available to wide public for lower price, they get lots of users, then company a)sells itself to a bigger company b)raises price c)forgets about the "good old" days and why customers moved to them from other ISPs).

d1 might get fed up one day with the project (as he said himself - no more to learn + no $$ = no interest) and he will a) leave it (most likely to someone as Mouton) or go the BIG way and do his own evil M$... which way better? for me none... I liked the original idea and I still do like they way it is (even with those foundation licenses), I do agree that some scripters should get some $$ for their work (hey, nobody push anyone to get foundation license, so no reason for whining)...

All in all, I think Mr.Pirate have too much interest in ioFTPD as about 70% of the doc he wrote dedicated to this ftp daemon... I think he still does like ioFTPD, he just like it how it was in the "good old" days... And I think someone with :banana: avatar really makes him mad for some reason...

Anyway, just my thoughts... we all have a right to state our personal opinion, doesn't we? consequences? yes, I do realise what this post might do to my account if some certain people get it in the wrong way... time will show.

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