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Default Dear Mr Pirate

This is a response to personal rant, you may decide to skip this post...

I just finished reading your review of servers. And I do agree to certain extent that ioFTPD might not be the best server to run your site off. For average user, there are better free alternativies.

Original ideas was to write a portable daemon with gl-like features for scene. Ever since the beta2, the main focus has been on performance and scalability. Many things that windows could provide with its' APIs, are written by hand to ensure that daemon performs as expected under extreme conditions (timers, ini reader, job scheduling, ...) If you don't like the idea that I'm spending most time rewriting the existing code, you can always use the alternativies whose developers are writing new code.

I'm breaking compatability with existing scripts & new issues arise in every major release?
I guess when you registered, you missed the fact that ioFTPD is still a beta product. And while it's beta, there will be changes that will break compatability with existing applications. I have done my best to keep developers updated, however it's not always possible. Did I already explain that I'm spending most time on rewriting, which is what usually causes the problems? Do not update when major update is first released, if you want to avoid problems. Instead, wait a few days - week.

If you haven't noticed daemon is not even being advertised for the great majority of internet users Google for ioFTPD, and you'll find that ioFTPD is not being advertised on any shareware site. For average internet user it's nearly impossible to even find the site.

I do agree that board needs moderation, badly. Sometimes discussion is getting way offtopic. However, our board is one of the most popular ftpd related discussion board - aerage ~70posts per day. Finding someone to read daily all that, isn't easy.

He has done more than anyone else, to help me with this project. He's the guy I get in touch, when something on the site goes wrong, or when I need a new feature added to registration system, ..., and he does it for free. Before you start flaming around on public, you should look for all the facts.

Absolutely noone forces you to pay for scripts you use. It doesn't take a magican to find a scripter that writes unique scripts for your site, and it all usually costs just couple of leech slots - no money involved.

I agree, there should be a message somewhere saying: no documentation provided.

Future releases?
Sure go ahead, do as many as you want. Release each, and every version of the daemon. I'm sure everyone here will appreciate causes of your actions.

Paragraph devoted to you
When you grow up a little bit, you understand how immature your action was. Threatening and swearing won't get you any further with your cause. Instead of doing what you did, you could have:

a) Posted thread on these horrible forums
b) e-mailed me
c) Flamed our irc channel
d) Keep it all to yourself, perhaps use /dev/null as storage?

You made it sound like you were kind of guy, who goes to grocery store to whine about price of potatoes, when your neighbor gives them you for free. And if cashier denies to give you for the same price, you'll get a shotgun from your red hippie van and shoot his brains off. When cops come in, you say it was all cashier's fault. After all, he was not doing things by what is in your best interest.

'grocery store' = 'scene'
'potato' = 'script'
'cashier' = 'scripter'
'neighbor' = 'another scripter'
'cops' = 'dark0n3'
'shotgun' = 'release'
'red hippie van' = 'site'
'shoot brains his off' = 'do something that majority of people consideres to be lame'

Ps. You did remember to take the red pill, before you entered the store?
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