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Originally posted by b>d>>s
01-27-2004 22:45:46 "..\scripts\badaazs\badaazs.itcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
can't find package mkZiplib 1.0
while executing
"package require mkZiplib 1.0"
(file "..\scripts\badaazs\badaazs.itcl" line 1)
I will try to investigate this soon. It's possible, that not all libraries are written using thread safe code. You could also try, if copying lib directory inside system directory helps.


this been happening for last version & this (and maybe before), that when u make a file via itcl it wont show up, unless you restart server, or repeat action that made the file (ioAutoNUKE.itcl proves this). When dir is banned then nuked dir made, 0byte file inside doesnt appear until restart or repeat. Then all files are made normally.
Forcing daemon to flush the directory cache should do the trick: vfs flush <path>.
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