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this is the way i do it

i copied the unrar.exe from winrar to scripts
then i made a unrar.bat with these lines

@echo off
echo !buffer off
md %path%\Extracted-"%date%"
start e:\ioFTPD\scripts\hiderun.exe e:\ioFTPD\scripts\unrar.exe e -y %path%\*.rar %path%\Extracted-"%date%"\

well - the hiderun.exe is just to hide the task it is not necessary .. drawback is you don't see how long the extracting process needs .. if you want to see this
just type in e:\ioFTPD\scripts\unrar.exe e -y %path%\*.rar %path%\Extracted-"%date%"\ without the start and the hiderun

all you have to do now is to start this bat after downloadcomplete or on your own with the site command etc...

with this you get a dir like Extracted-"date" within your release folder which includes the extracted files. very usefull when the original release is downloaded from others - they just skip all folder with the string "extracted"

-- never tried it with releases which are zipped but i think this could also be managed with some modifications...
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