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well, pretty easy to do ...

gotta add 2/3 lines to iobanana.tcl

find the part where all "binds" are... add there
bind pub - [set ioss(cmdpre)]site sitealias
below find the line
proc dupealias {nick uhost hand chan args} { ioBanana $nick $chan "dupe [lindex $args 0]" }

and put under it
proc sitealias {nick uhost hand chan args} { if {[trusted_user $uhost]} {ioBanana $nick $chan "[lindex $args 0] [lindex $args 1] [lindex $args 2] [lindex $args 3] [lindex $args 4]"} }
after this .rehash you bot.. then it should work..
make sure you add your host to the trusted hosts, else bot wont respond on your cmd.

Do this for every sitebot... they will all react on your cmd and just echo the cmd you give to the ftp.. so they'll add the user or what ever.

!site <cmd>
exmple -> !site gadduser <nick> <pasw> *@<ip>

make sure sitebot has flag 1, and maybe flag M...
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