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well.. maybe other idea trough sitebots.. i got that working..

[13:59:12] [@Razor-]: !site addip Razor *@137.120.242.*
[13:59:14] [RazorTest1]: Removed: '*@137.120.*.*'
[13:59:14] [RazorTest1]: Added: '*@137.120.242.*'
[13:59:14] [RazorTest2]: Removed: '*@137.120.*.*'
[13:59:14] [RazorTest2]: Added: '*@137.120.242.*'
pretty easy to make if you got ioBanana.

i used the "trusted hosts only" option also.. so only people i want can do the !site cmd.

you just got to edit the iobanana.tcl for each sitebot of the ftp's.
you can just do !site adduser. and bots will add them to all sites.

when u want to know how just reply else i;m not gonna waste time writing how.
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