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Thanks for responding NeoXed

Yeah it seems as though its connected to the ftp and then when I do a command it will disconnect on some of them.

for ex: !free all works fine so does !sections etc.

Also Newdir, release info, wipe etc..all works as it should

but doing when doing a !who the bot doesnt respond at all:

heres some of the debug info after the !who command:

[19:15] debug      | ---> SITE WHO
[19:15] debug      | -> rc="200"
-> msgtext="

(!who message here)

[19:15] debug      | -> rc="   "
-> msgtext=""
-> state="quit"
[19:15] debug      | ---> QUIT
[19:15] debug      | -> rc="221"
-> msgtext="Goodbye"
-> state="quit_sent"
[19:15] debug     control | C: 221 Goodbye
[19:15] debug      | Starting new connection with:
[19:15] debug      |   -port = 21
I also checked the ioFTPD.log and it did show the sitebot had connected.

And with this bug in the TCL you mentioned...are you talking about a bug in ioBanana or ioFTPD?
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