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Default ioB19 SiteBot Login Error

I was setting up a new ioftpd install on another computer..

ioFTPD 5.3.9r, ioA1.0.6, and ioB19r..

Im having trouble getting the sitebot to work correctly:

I turned on Verbose/debug in the iobanana.tcl to see what the error was better but still havent been able to figure out what is wrong.

I tried using different eggdrop versions..using 6.2.15 right now though.

The bot logs into the correct channel ok and responds to some commands but most commands like !bw, !speed, !leechers..etc do not even get any type of responce from the sitebot.

My other sitebot is running with the same configuration pretty much and works fine (same ioftpd,ioa, and ioB versions)

when running eggdrop with nt parms I get this error:

[18:13] debug     control | C: 230 User botty logged in.
[18:13] dzs-mod: LOGIN received
command returned bad code: 16
    while executing
    ("after" script)
[18:13] error     error | E: Not connected!
[18:13] ioBanana 8 by Mouton & Harm: Attempting to connect to FTP.
[18:13] debug      | Starting new connection with:
[18:13] debug      |   -port = 21
[18:13] debug     control | C: Connection from
[18:13] debug      | -> rc="220"
-> msgtext="HTTP 5.24"
-> state="user"
[18:13] debug      | ---> USER botty
[18:13] debug     control | C: 220 HTTP 5.24
[18:13] debug      | -> rc="331"
-> msgtext="Password required for botty."
-> state="passwd"
[18:13] debug      | ---> PASS blank
[18:13] debug     control | C: 331 Password required for botty.
[18:13] debug      | -> rc="230"
it doesnt crash the bot but always will get that error on the first login.
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