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"can't read "ocscript(PATH)": no such variable"

A clue.. where is ocscript(PATH) defined?

Read the install txt?

!!! WARNING !!! !!! WARNING !!! !!! WARNING !!!
COPY init.itcl included in OCSCRIPT to ../scripts dir
if you already have ../scripts/init.itcl installed
you should open ../scripts/init.itcl (with an editor)
copy/past infos from init.itcl included in OCSCRIPT inside the other (at bottom)
you should setup ocscript part in init.itcl and SAVE
!!! WARNING !!! !!! WARNING !!! !!! WARNING !!!

In short.. your init.itcl in ioFTPD/scripts is either missing of not configured properly.

And oh.. after changing/installing init.itcl you need to restart ioFTPD. It's read on startup.
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