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Default [FIXED] problem with php_psio 0.1.1.d

hi people
im using 0.1.1.d but when i upload files, sfv file is OK, nfo file is OK, but all rar files CRC skipped -> thats why i dont get first file announce and race info
how can i fix this?
in the flash fxp screen its some like that

150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for dev-scrh.r42.
226-.----=== ZipScript-PHP ===--,d1'--=== ported ===---.
226-| + CRC-Check: SKIPPED! |
226-`-----------------------------------------[ 0/0 ]--'
226 [Free: 95492MB]-[Credits: 646.2M]-[Ratio: Unlimited]-[Speed: 6261.5kb/s]

it makes 0 byte files for all rars, but the good rars r there
and pogress bar directory is at 0%

any thoughts?

in irc i get this for announcing
( games ) ( New Release ›› SIM.CITY.4.RUSH.HOUR-DEViANCE ›› ag_uni@SiTEOPS )
( games ) ›› Got SFV for SIM.CITY.4.RUSH.HOUR-DEViANCE. Expecting 45F.

but there it ends
i think its caus of crc check,

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