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Default [itcl] mountfile open doesn't work for scheduled scripts

That's the code i use for testing, using ioFTPD 5.4.3r
set anuke(mtab)	"C:/ioFTPD/etc/default.vfs"

proc autonuke {} {
global anuke
# Load mount table
if {[catch { mountfile open $anuke(mtab) }]!= 0} {return 1}
putlog "TEST: \"/\" is resolved to \"[resolve pwd "/"]\" using \"$anuke(mtab)\""
That's what i get in ioFTPD.log when i run the script using a site command:
01-04-2004 18:10:11 TEST: "/" is resolved to "C:/ioFTPD/site" using "C:/ioFTPD/etc/default.vfs"

And that's what i get when i use the scheduler:
01-04-2004 18:10:44 TEST: "/" is resolved to "" using "C:/ioFTPD/etc/default.vfs"
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