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well i try to set up CTS on a windrop 1.6.15+SSL

i ve got few sites with ioFTPD 5.6.3 + dsz x.x + ioA x.x + ioZ x.x
the CTS script is installed just with a windrop

all cmd works except :

1 > !bw = Tcl error [cts-misc:bw]: can't read "upload": no such variable ( ... )
2 > Move credits: = /msg CTS transfer [login] [pass] [from] [to] [amt] i ve creat a user TEST password TEST and when i try always the same shit : Sorry wrong credentials given..Bye bye
( ... )
3 > /msg CTS addftpuser [group] [login] [pass] [ip]
works for the first site but stop and bugs for th other

ex :

[06:58:49] <xxx> addftpuser iND TEST TEST *@*
[06:58:50] <_xxx_> Adding user TEST/iND with the password "TEST"
[06:58:50] <_xxx_> Ident: *@*
[06:58:50] <_xxx_> Executing "SITE gadduser iND TEST TEST *@*" on all linked sites.
[06:58:50] <_xxx_> site1 OK

and bug in party line it's note
" Tcl error [cts-userman:addftpuser]: missing close-bracket"

if u can resolve this pb pm me on the forum thx a lot
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