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These Settings Works 100% For Me...
All In cts-loader.tcl

# What modules to load
set cts(modules) "logger credits userman"

# cts standalone loader
if $enabled(cts) {
putlog "|$cts(progname): Loading main cts modules.."
source $cts(progdir)/cts/cts-main.tcl

putlog "|$cts(progname): Loading $cts(progdir)/ftplib.tcl.."
source $cts(progdir)/cts/ftplib.tcl

putlog "|$cts(progname): Loading cts-misc..."
source $cts(progdir)/cts/cts-misc.tcl

putlog "|$cts(progname): Loading $cts(progdir)/cts-quota.tcl.."
source $cts(progdir)/cts/cts-quota.tcl
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