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Originally posted by Ren
ok got the bw issue sorted using old who templates and modify the script to do site swho instead of who, loaded up usermain and have addip/delip working now as well

del user works, but "Tcl error [cts-userman:addftpuser]: missing close-bracket" on adduser

also have quota script working by changing site show to site uinfo....

looking awesome so far, cant wait till quota will disable users
hmm... "site show" is used only on glftpd sites (make sure that you have configured the correct FTPD in cts-loader.tcl):

The routine that checks monthup is this (using "site stats monthup limit [username]"):

io {
set reply [split [[lindex $n 0]::Quote SITE STATS MONTHUP LIMIT $user] "\n"]
foreach line $reply {
if { [regexp $user* $line] } {
set Uploaded [string trim [lindex [split $line '|] 3]]
set group [string trim [lindex [split [lindex [split $line '@'] 1] '|'] 0]]
putlog "$Uploaded - $group"
if { $Uploaded == -1 && $group == "NotFound" } {
set Uploaded -550
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