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The sha1.tcl was unfortunally missing from the .rar file (the sha1.tcl file provided with ioBANANA will do)...

Make sure that you have configured cts-loader.tcl properly

Install instructions for standalone version

1. unzip package in *drop/scripts

2. Edit cts-loader.tcl (Seperate sites with spaces NOT | !!!

set cts(sites) "" <-- good
set cts(sites) "||" <--- BAD

3. Add new ftp user and give the proper flags for taking/giving credits on all sites

4. rehash bot and your good to go



In order for bandwidth to work you need old ioFTPD who output. If you have changed the output of commands then the script might not work. It programmed based on a standart ioFTPD with ioBANANA
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