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Default ioFTPD (windows XP,2k3) release

The ioFTPD version is on final testing stage...

Problems that still need to be solved:

CTS and ioBANANA doesn't seem to like to be run on the same server. This since CTS is extremly aggressive on loggin on to the sites and that way hindering ioBANANA to function properly (any ideas why, seems like some commands doesn't work properly when both scripts are run in the same eggdrop). If you have 2 eggdrops running on the same server all seem to work fine.

Response time between the linux version differ quite alot (It seems like irc queues aren't handled quite the same way on windrop and eggdrop)

New functions:

BNC support (winssl_wrap and "alternative ip logon" tested and workin).
Redesigned modular approach.
Extended loggin and debuging support.
Most code is shared between ioFTPD and glftpd versions. The ioFTPD version doesn't need any extra modules (if not using tls witch would require winssl_wrap). The glftpd version requires passchk that comes with sitebot by F|owman

Things to do before 2 is released:

Recode the userman module (better permission handling + more validation on user variables)

[EDIT] CTS for ioFPTD doesn't need any glftpd/linux sites its totally independent[/EDIT]
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