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Default Preview release of CTS

This a preview of my code. It's in use on atleast 1 sitering and works. I have removed som code from this one so it wount delete all users if configured wrong.

If you wanna try this out be free to pm me on efnet (contact information included in readme file).

Please all included readmes and faq since they contain alot of information on how to use the scripts and sitebot. Do remeber that you shouldn't use this script on a eggdrop that is in use (with that i meen that install it on a fresh eggdrop with an another nick).

All existing users should have the same group on all sites or the output will look funny.

To get the credit transfer to work only the username needs to match on all sites, the user validation is done against the local passwd file found in /glftpd/etc/passwd (if you have an jailed enviroment you need to fix line 105 on sitebot-addon-cts.tcl)

Hope you like it.

PS. Rename file to sitebot-glftpd+cts.tar.gz to unpack it, forum doesn't allow tar.gz files

The completed version will be fully skinnable and the configuration will be remade completly
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