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Default Credit Transfer System

Hello, here comes a little information about a script that I have been developing for a while. It's called CTS and was in the beginning a script to transfer credits between ioFTPD, glFTPD and Raiden ftpservers. Today it has grown a little larger and has the following commands (only glFTPD and ioFTPD support thou):

Public irc commands
list affils. If sitename is include show only that site. All affils are exempted from monthly quota ([user] is in affiliated group [group]....)

bnc list. If sitename is included the sitebnc, shows if it's possible to logon to the site

sitering bandwidth usage (bandwidth show per site and a total)

!credits [login]
Show how much credits you have

Show sites connected to system and theit status (linked, offline or dissabled)

!monthup [login]
Shows Month Up stats on all sites

!monthdn [login]
Shows Month Down stats on all sites

!passed [login]
Check monthly quota

!filter failed|passed|all
Shows all users that have failed|passed quota or if "!filter all" is used then show all users and what their status is

Public PRIVMSG commands
/msg xXx transfer [login] [pass] [from] [to] [amt]
Move credits from site [from] to [to]. User must validate himself as [login]. The creditstransfer is executed for the user [login].

/msg xXx addip [login] [pass] [IP]
Add ip to [login]. Again user validation is done by verifying username/password on local userlist

/msg xXx delip [login] [pass] [IP]

/msg xXx listip [login] [pass]
List your ips

Operator commands (theese commands require that +O is set on the user in the eggdrop
/msg xXx addftpuser [group] [login] [pass] [ip]
/msg xXx delftpuser [login]
/msg xXx addgroup [group]
/msg xXx delgroup [group]
!opfilter [passed|failed|exempt]


First and most important. The CTS script must be installed on a glFTPD site (2 reasons for it, first script is an addon to f|owmans sitebot and second uservalidation is done against an glFTPD userlist)
The glftpd sites should all use standart outputs on the commands and ioFTPD sites should have ioA installated (site give,take is used)

Almost every aspect of the script configuration is done by using .sset commands on DCC. Meaning that if you have installed the scripts and are up and running then u should not need to access the computer directly, everything can be done from telnet/dcc (including script updates).

Unfortunally the script isn't yet ready to be released in public since I need to remake the configuration so it will be easier, but Im looking for someone who would be interested in beeing a betatester for the script. I have used the script for 2-3 months now and it seems to work fine but need to have it tested an more computer before I release it to the public.

/Blisters aka blisteringbeens
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