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No problems here too.
I use the windows xp with sp1 implemented.
worked great.
when i use the windows xp without sp1.
Many mobo's get stuck on the usb devices.
USB2.0 can only function with sp1
better to use sp1 than sp1a
in sp1a the virtual machine is left out.
Only diffrence in those packages.
install it again end use the sp1 install.
And see if you are sweating again.
I had this problem on my gps barebone.
the usb was working with the shitload of drivers i dld from the net to test.
found a driver that worked.Only my car was like 1.5cm off course.
and on maps thats a lot and unuseble.
installed the sp1.
Everything worked like a charm.Car was at his correct place.
The router worked between 10-25 meters correct.
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