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Hi DarkOne.

It seems that you have been quite unlucky somehow.
I have here a epox 8rda+ mainboard with nforce2 chipset.
And its the fastest and most stable box i ever had.

Regarding the usb:
The manual clearly states that you should install sp1 for xp
before installing the drivers, else usb2 will probably not work.

Since i am a programmer myself i have sometimes ****ed up my
system, so i have installed windows quite a few times on this
box now ( using ghost now cauz i'm lazy :P )

And i know that i forgot at sp1 before drivers a few times.
But that was easily solved after letting windows detect new
hardware manually from the devicemanager after installing sp1.

It works just fine and it is __fast__.

For the record i can tell that my friend has one just like it ( identical), and another friend has a differend brand nforce2
board that also works perfect.

The two epox boxes both have a barton xp2500 and 1 gig ram
as 2 * 512MB samsung ddr2700 to utilize the dual ddr channel.

And it was on this box i first testet ioftp with no problems.
if you want, i can dl the latest unregistered version and
test it again. Also, if you want it testet with some special
setup/inifile, please email me, and i will check.

Best Regards and a happy new year.
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