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Thumbs down nForce

I recommend you to think twice before buying motherboard containing nvidia chipset

The whole annoyance began with putting nforce driver cd in:

Error!!!! Language version mismatch. Setup will not proceed. WTF? Maybe I should switch regional settings? I still got the same dumb error. I was time to do some serious hacking, and install drivers manually double-clicking the setup binary. Warning!!!! You need patch #1234567890 or SP1 to install USB v2.0. At this point I thanked god, that they were smart enough to include required patch on cd. Finally, after minutes of struggling, I got the drivers installed. (I can't remember that I had spent this much time installing drivers for mb before. Ever since XP was released, I haven't installed a single driver for any mb before.)

Once I had succesfully installed usb, I grabbed wlan drivers from the old computer. At first, everything seemed to work properly. When I accessed google, horrifying reality stroke me; loading page took for ages. I thought maybe it's just bad weather. But 0.9kb/sec download speed for files and 95% packet loss indicated that either there must be toxic amounts of radiation in the air, or something is seriously wrong with the system. (There were no shiny green clouds, so I assumed it's system) I began to download new nforce drivers at 0.9kb/sec...

and I waited... and I waited some more... I actualy waited for 15% to download, until I decided to use the old computer for downloading. (turned off both computers, plugged out and in all cables) My hypothesis were confirmed; download averaged 80kb/sec. After download I did quick cable switching & driver installation. With astonishing result: 0.4kb/sec and ping doesn't go through at all (job well done nvidia) Quick cable switching again (as quick as it can be, after spending hour for doing something that usually takes 2secs) Snatched new wlan drivers, and utility that was recommended as replacement for windows zero configuration utility. Cables... Install... things got even more bizarre: Driver began to cycle randomly between two available wlan groups.. it'll sure look awesome in isp's logs

As you might imagine I was getting somewhat frustrated... everytime I needed to download something, I had to switch cables. I went through all bios settings, windows system settings, .....

Luckily there was a life saviour; this time, not in form of a pill, but an add-in USB card. I plugged it in, windows automatically detected it, installed all drivers. Without a single error or question, everything was working.

Did I mention about nasty bluescreens that I got during the process? And how about those 'system has recovered from serious error' message boxes?

Maybe I just missed "the way usb is meant to be plugged", or "the way drivers are installed"... but I'm never going to recommend anything nvidia based to anyone. Just horrifying experience. If you happend to use nforce and io, please mention it in your bug reports - so I can ignore you
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