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Excuse me but i have used this php.exe donwloaded from don't go have pho.exe php.ini and 3 files *.dll
this php don't terminate my cpu work 100% all time....this are one big problem but the sfv check go with this php i can't use this!!!

in alternative i have used only php.exe and php4ts.dll from php-5.0.0b3-Win32 downloaded from the old version of ioFTPD go and go very good perfect cpu usage and perfect sfvcheck with ioFTPD 5.4.3 tell me this error

[23.21.54] 226-<b>Fatal error</b>: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in <b>E:\ioFTPD\scripts\php_psio\funcs.php</b> on line <b>1256</b><br />
[23.21.54] 226 Transfer complete.

I CANT USE THIS with this version of ioFTPD or the last version of php_psio i don't know what is it!!!

Now i try php.exe from cli folder in php-5.0.0b3-Win32 and all file from SnypeTEST php packet download from DON'T GO THE SFV CHECK with this config and all file uploaded was deleted in automatic!!!

The last alternative is php.exe from cli folder and php4ts.dll from php-5.0.0b3-Win32 downloaded from AND WITH THIS CONFIG I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM WITH THE ORIGINAL PACKET DOWNLOAD FROM
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