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Default Problem with ioFTPD and dZSbot

Hi @ll!

I've got 4 problems:


My ioFTPD, set up on my little home server, is running great. But always as i try to add a new user it comes an error message like this:

[23:31:46] site adduser test test
[23:31:46] 550 Error creating userfile 'test': Unknown error.

It would be great if any of u guys could help me with that problem.


I forgot where to change the sections and the related paths, can anyone of u tell me plz? (i know.. shame on me...)


When i post "!free all" to my channel where the dZSbot is in, he tells me like

total free: 0.0 / 0.0 GB

I've once seen an entry in a config file where to tell the bot how big my harddrive is and so it calculates my free disc space.

But as i was looking for this entry i saw an executable named df.exe in my ..\system dir. When i open it per cmd shell, it tells me my free space in GB and PerCent... Anyone of u knows this .exe? How can i connect it with my dZSbot announces?


When i post "!who" in my announce chan it tells me only who's uploading at the moment. That's actually all...

Help would be great!

Greets, Malc
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