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hi , i have another tree questions some1 might help me with.

i have noticed that ioBanna creates the message file
with the stats only after "uploadComplete". So if i upload
only 50% of the files it doesnt create stat file at all.
Nevertheless in the stats files is a like like :
"Complete 04 of 04 F". A file with 02 of 04 F seems never
to be created.

is it normal or did i miss an option ... ?

it seems all users besides Masters are blocked for
upload. in ioftpd i have set Upload = * * but it wont work
not even directory creation works. M accounts work
problemlessly. in Sections last Section is : Default = 0 *

what to do ?

i have noticed that users with Flag G can get infos of
users in all groups. Should it not be only the users of
his own group

thanx in advance ...
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