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Hmmmm change permissions working?

Using the account 'home' with flags '3' he is able to use the change command on any user except for M flag users.

site change neo vfsfile ../etc/admin.vfs
200-neo: Account modified.
200 change Command successful.
site change Tests groupslots 9 9
200 change Command successful.

12-26-2003 21:55:35 'home' changed vfsfile for user 'neo' from '' to '../etc/admin.vfs'.
12-26-2003 21:56:08 'home' changed user slots for group 'Tests' from '5 + 5' to '9 + 9'.
Then using another account to view users/groups.

site ginfo Tests
200-Description: New Group
200-MountFile :
200-User slots : 9 (9)
200-Users : 1
200- Name Flags Groups
200- ugly 3G Tests
200 ginfo Command successful.

site users
200- Name Group Flags Home
200- home NoGroup 3
200- hope NoGroup 3
200- ioFTPD ioftpd 1MTH /home/ioFTPD
200- neo ioftpd 31GV
200- ugly Tests 3G
200 users Command successful.
Tests were done on a default ioFTPD installation.

darkone, is the config reader looking for something other then [Change_Permissions] ? kinda like what happened earlier with the telnet command permissions.

Edit: I think i found the error, darkone in the default ini you have [Change_Permissions] but checking strings in ioFTPD.exe using a hex editor, i think you have it set as 'Change-Permissions'. Hehe
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