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Default 5.4.0r

It's early xmas Report all bugs in this thread, as I'm going away for few days (do not use irc!) Unregistered version will follow soon after christmas (25-26), when I find time to iron all bugs out.

Beta 5.4.0
- Fix: Several directory caching related bugs
- Fix: Two 1byte buffer overflows
- New: Added control for socket buffer sizes
- Change: Rehashing config updates Hosts.rules & scheduler
- Change: Internal support for unicode in most parts of code
- Change: "Neutral" default look
- Change: Number of DDE threads is now user definable - and threads work in more efficient manner
- Change: Config redesigned
- Change: Message files renamed
- New: SITE GINFO <group>
- New: SITE KILL <cid>
- New: SITE SHUTDOWN (* Results to crash in most cases Known bug)
- New: SITE BANS <list/remove> <ip>
- Change: SITE WHO removed, SWHO added
- Change: Internal site commands can be chained with scripts (internal command is last in chain, and not executed, if chain is broken)
- Change: Improved error message accuracy of site commands
- New: .LIST
- New: .CD
- New: All ftp SITE <command>s are available as .<command>s
- New: Execution of external commands (no '.' prefix)
- Fix: Several minor fixes
- New: VFS FLUSH <path>
- Change: Optimized interpreter initialization
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