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hi all,
i hope you guys could help me.
I have the same problem and here are my settings:

set device(0) "D: APPS"
set device(1) "D: DiVX"
set device(2) "D: GAMES"
set device(3) "D: 0DAYS"
set device(4) "D: REQUESTS"
set device(5) "E: DVDR"
set device(6) "E: PS2"
set device(7) "E: XXX"
set device(8) "E: MP3"

set device(TOTAL) 2

When I triger the !free all i get this:
((@|Pimp|) -Pimp- [FREE] + [APPS: 218.94/232.88 GB] [DiVX: 218.94/232.88 GB]
((@|Pimp|) -Pimp- [FREE] + TOTAL: 437.87/465.77 GB

Can anybody help me out to figure what am i doing wrong,

Thanks alot
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