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Default ioA and nuking? | Announcing


Im trying to get my io server up and working (atm for local testing only)

Im using:

ioFTPD version: 5.2.12

So, i configured about annything i needed to.
The bot comes into my irc chan, and reponse allright to commands like !uptime !bw !uploaders etc... that all works.

Now i have the following probs:

The bot does NOT announce anny races, wipes etc. How come? I forgot something to config?

The nuke part of io doesnt work, caus i dont know what to place in the following line:
Nuke_Run_Script			= "d:\script.exe nuke %user %.0size"
Same with unnuke:
UnNuke_Run_Script		= "d:\script.exe unnuke %user %size"
And another thing that doesnt work with ioA are the requests.
He cant find the request file he says, but it does exist.
I used a normal txt file for it.

Request_File			= "d:\ioftpd\system\ioftpd\system\ioFTPD\requests.txt"
ioA.debug info:

12-10-2003 10:27:51 REQUEST         - Request_Field " -> "
12-10-2003 10:27:51 REQUEST         - Request_Field " [%##] [%-10user] -> %request
12-10-2003 10:27:51 REQUEST         - Found 0 requests
12-10-2003 10:27:51 REQUEST         - Unable to find requestfile
(it exists.. realy)

How can i make that right?

So, the basic probs:

no race announces in the irc chan, no nuke/unnuke (i need a 3rdparty script?), requests doesnt work.
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