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All good observations... To the sys admin who didn't think it would make much difference since not everyone is trying to connect at the same time anyway, you have a good point. However, as one of the other posts points out, you have a statistically greater chance of connecting at a random interval than at a set interval, the reason being that people will not finish using a particular ftp site at an identifiable, repetitive interval. What I mean by that is, users already on an ftp will not log off at nice intervals (like 120 sec). Windows of opportunity will open at completely random intervals (not entirely random though, because of the factorability of bandwidth... but that's another topic) and your chance at maximizing one of those opportunities will be greatest if you attempt to connect at equally random intervals.

Anyway, it was just an idea I had. It may only slightly improve your chances of getting ona site, but even a little bit of an improvement might be nice.

Overall though, I love FlashFXP!
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