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it shows 0 GB of 600GB which i doi not have 600GB i am using a free.msg in the iobanan file and the ioftpd.ini
in iobanana u have to set the total space in the iobanana.tcl

set ioss(totalspace) 100 ;# total site hdd space (in gb) to display as total site space
set ioss(lowspacewarn) 100 ;# warn on this minimum freespace (in megs) for any area

## Note: Create a text/ftp/free.msg with:
[Free: %.[free($path)(mega)]MB]-[Sitename]
## for the !free <section> and low-diskspace warning to work...
## You also need to add this line in the [Scripts] section of ioftpd.ini:
## free = !..\text\ftp\free.msg

it's very well explained in readme and even in the setup files
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